This New Art Installation Is About to Take Over Your Instagram Feed

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When the Museum of Ice Cream launched two years ago, it kicked off a cavalcade of copycat attractions, with everyone scrambling to find the next big food (rosé? pizza?) to incite maximum social-media frenzy. But this summer’s most anticipated pop-up has nothing to do with food at all. Get ready for Color Factory.

After an initial sold-out run in San Francisco, the folks behind the experiential exhibit set their sights on NYC, bringing in a new roster of artists and designers to fill a 20,000-square-foot space. The 16 unique installations include an interactive piece by painter and muralist Lakwena Maciver, a guided activity with Queens-based artist Christine Wong Yap and a “find your secret color” room designed by New York Times contributor Molly Young. (There’s also a dance floor and a ball pit—this isn’t the Met, people.)

The whole thing is guaranteed to have unlimited Instagrammable moments, but there’s even a surprise waiting for you after you step back out onto the (mostly gray) street. Upon leaving, you’ll get a secret neighborhood map that guides you to 20 more prismatic experiences hidden throughout downtown Manhattan.

Tickets go on sale today and likely won’t last much longer than a box of crayons in the hot sun. And let’s face it—your feed already has enough ice-cream cones.

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