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Chicagoans have a pretty sweet deal: We’ve got all the culture of the coasts but with the down-to-earth appeal of the Midwest. To keep everything running smoothly, there are a few laws we’ve learned (and love) to live by. Show your true Chicago colors by adhering to these ten cardinal rules. 

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Thou Shalt Not Block Thy Fellow Commuter From Exiting The Train Car

Don’t be that person who doesn’t step out of a crowded train car to let his brethren out. Take a deep breath and move aside; your standing space will still be there.


Thou Shalt Not Refuse The Tamale Man

The Tamale Guy is the patron saint of trivia nights and karaoke bars all across our fair land. Respect his hustle and indulge in his cheesy offerings.

Graham Garfield

Thou Shalt Not Mispronounce Paulina, Damen or Honore

Paul-eye-nuh. Dame-in. On-err-ay. Got it? Great.


Thou Shalt Not Rely On The Red Line During a Cubs Game

No one makes this mistake twice. Reroute to the Brown Line the second you smell stale beer or spot a large, moving mass of red and blue athletic wear.  


Thou Shalt Not Take The Beach For Granted

Lake Michigan has waves! Waves! Beach days are a must once the temps inch upwards of 70.

Justin Zhuang/Flickr

Thou Shalt Not Refer To It As The Willis Tower

Forever and always it shall remain by one name: The Sears Tower. Don’t out yourself as a newb by saying “Willis.” Do you know a Willis? We don’t.


Thou Shalt Not Go To Michigan Avenue On a Saturday

Self-care of the highest order is not subjecting yourself to the hordes of tourists that clog the Magnificent Mile every weekend. You can hit up Nordstrom on your lunch break.

Tilde Club

Thou Shalt Not Put Ketchup On Thy Hot Dog

Do we really need to explain this one?

Paramount Pictures

Thou Shalt Not Neglect Our World-Class Museums

The Art Institute! The Adler Planetarium! Hello, we’ve even got a T. Rex named Sue in our midst. Don’t do yourself a disservice by missing all the culture here.


Thou Shalt Not Stay Within The Confines Of One's Neighborhood

Your 'hood says a lot about you, but here’s your friendly reminder not to get stuck there. From Devon Street to Pilsen, you’ll never run out of places to explore. 

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