Your Celebrity Best Friend Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Peanut butter and jelly. Sweet tea and lemonade. Netflix and wine. There are just some things that go together perfectly, and we think you and your celeb girl crush are no exception. So we set out to find your ideal best friend based on concrete evidence—your Zodiac, of course. Read on to find out who your ultimate celebrity best friend is, based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries Bff: Amy Schumer (gemini)

Need a laugh, Aries? On your own, you’re adventurous and confident, but you want a pal who doesn’t take life too seriously and let’s you laugh at yourself every once in awhile. Or, ya know, you could both just laugh at her. (She’s pretty damn funny.)

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Taurus Bff: Zooey Deschanel (capricorn)

There’s something to be said for your natural confidence, Taurus, but isn’t it nice to find someone with more of an offbeat sense of humor? Someone that helps you let down your guard? Zooey’s quirkiness and caprice are the perfect combo when you’re searching for a loyal shoulder to lean on (with a bit of added eccentricity).

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Gemini Bff: Reese Witherspoon (aries)

This sweet Southern belle will always know how to cheer you up when you’re feeling low. She also shares your love of girl talk, meaning you two could gab for hours over a bottle of wine without a care in the world. As an adventurer, you need someone as lively and upbeat as you. Reese is your girl.

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Cancer Bff: Drew Barrymore (pisces)

Pisces is your strongest match, Cancer, because you both know the importance of just chilling out together and forgetting the stresses of the world. Just like you, Drew is compassionate and sensitive and doesn’t mind that you tend to overcommunicate your feelings—she’s the perfect listener.

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Leo Bff: Freida Pinto (libra)

Your ideal lady friend is someone willing to balance out your passionate disposition, and Libras like Frieda are great for keeping you at an even keel. Calm, level-headed and always loyal, she’s your go-to when the going gets tough, or just when you need an honest and fair opinion about that awful bridesmaid dress.

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Virgo Bff: Julia Roberts (scorpio)

Your one pursuit in life, sweet Virgo, is to love and be loved, and what better person than the most compassionate Scorpio? Julia’s your faithful friend with a magnetic force that won’t let you two stay separated for longer than a few days...or until the next Pretty Woman viewing night.

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Libra Bff: Jennifer Lawrence (leo)

As a social butterfly, you gravitate toward those who are more outspoken and care less what others think than you. J. Law, who fell not once but twice at the Oscars and managed to get back up with a grin on her face, is a pro at keeping you grounded and not letting you take life too seriously.

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Scorpio Bff: Beyonce (virgo)

Bow down to your bestie, Queen B. She won’t mind sharing the throne for someone just as dedicated and hard working as herself. You two are emotional beings—almost to a flaw—but it helps you both understand each other and the struggles and triumphs of this game we call life. Keep pushing each other to be the best, but at the end of the day, remember you’re both only human. So go ahead, split the dessert.

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Sagittarius Bff: Oprah Winfrey (aquarius)

You get a BFF! And you get a BFF! And you get a BFF! Yep, Oprah Winfrey is your perfect lighthearted friend to balance out your sometimes serious disposition. She’ll keep things fun but also not let your unfailing optimism get the best of you with her brutal honesty. Fact: You two are a match made in talk-show heaven.

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Capricorn Bff: Adele (taurus)

Hellooooo…it’s Adele. You two are the ideal pair: Her determination and unwavering persistence (to be, like, one of the most influential women in the world) is the ideal compliment to your practical outlook and ability to get stuff done. With her by your side, you can literally conquer the world.

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Aquarius Bff: Amanda Seyfried (sagittarius)

As the most amiable sign there is, it’s not hard for you, dear Aquarius, to make friends. The tricky part is finding someone to really keep up with your creativity and intelligence—someone who isn’t afraid of a 1 a.m. phone call just to chat about the meaning of life and love. Amanda's as reliable as they get: She'll pick up, every time.

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Pisces Bff: Sofia Vergara (cancer)

You sweet, sensitive soul. Sofia’s here to hug you till you burst and to bring out your bubbly side, whether it be with her vivacious personality or her genuine love for everyone and everything. You two would get along like peas in a pod.