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Attention, Cat Ladies: Cat Camp Is Coming to NYC
@chananote via Twenty20

NYC’s dogs might get costume contests and kennel shows, but their feline counterparts are holding down apartments, bodegas and breweries all over the city. (Not to mention vastly enriching our lives with cat videos.) It’s high time those ghost-chasing, sunbeam-snoozing purring machines got a celebration of their own.

So our inner (and OK, outer) cat lady can’t wait for Cat Camp, which is not an outdoorsy retreat filled with cat-versus-cat capture the flag (though that would be insanely cute, if totally hopeless), but a two-day convention and adoption fair.

Started by Christina Ha, the founder of the city’s first cat café, Meow Parlour, the weekend promises to “celebrate all things cats.” What does that mean exactly? Well, for starters, a lineup of some major names in the cat world and beyond, like Internet celebri-kitty Lil Bub, Animal Planet host Jackson Galaxy and Cherry Bombe editorial director Kerry Diamond.

There’ll also be an “Ask the Cat Expert” session on health and behavior, and panels on rescue and advocacy. If you’re already a cat mom, leave Mittens at home: Outside cats won’t be admitted, but you’ll be able to pick up toys, bowls and even—squee—bow ties for your little furball.

And, of course, you’ll have opportunities all weekend to meet your new BFF (best feline friend). Who knows—Tabby Taylor could be next year’s YouTube sensation.

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