This Chilling German Thriller Just Hit the Top Ten on Netflix

These days, it seems like German thrillers have been taking over Netflix.

Just last month, the gore-filled flick Blood Red Sky became the number-one movie on the streaming site, taking the place of the Twilight films, which dominated the streaming service when they were uploaded mid-summer.

Now, another German chiller has become one of the most-streamed movies on Netflix: Black Island. This 2021 drama follows the story of Jonas (Philip Froissant), a high-schooler who goes to live with his grandfather (Hanns Zischler) after his parents are killed in a tragic accident.

When he arrives at this small island, he begins forming a strong relationship with a teacher named Helena (Alice Dwyer). Little does he know that Helena has some sinister plans up her sleeve. Check out the trailer below.

At first, this movie looks like it follows a similar plotline to the Kate Mara and Nick Robinson-starring miniseries A Teacher, which premiered last November and saw another treacherous tale of a romance between a teacher and a student.

However, as we see in the clip, Black Island takes a much darker turn. The trailer shows Helena burning pictures of Jonas, cars smashing into trees and something mysterious being dragged across the shore. And that's just a taste of what's to come.

Black Island was directed by Miguel Alexandre, who wrote the screenplay along with Lisa Carline Hofer. The movie was produced by Odeon Fiction and Netflix.

As we start gearing up for fall and Halloween season, we love seeing more creepy flicks popping up on Netflix. We will definitely be adding this one to our list.

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