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Nobody wants to be the dork in flip-flops when the temperatures barely creep above, oh, 55 degrees. But can you blame a gal for being really, really excited for the best season ever? Psych yourself up for sunny days ahead with these 16 actually practical ways to jump-start the season.


1. Flip your closet and literally bury all thoughts of cold.
Goodbye forever, Bean boots! (We’ll pretend “forever” is until October.)

2. Break out your favorite summer sundresses.
Just maybe add a leather jacket.

3. And resurrect those white jeans.
Memorial Day, shmemorial day.

4. Buy a jammin’ new swimsuit.
Or at least a $20 pair of sandals to get excited over.


5. Get an early start on beach reading.
Be it some cheesy chick lit or a classic you've always meant to tackle.

6. Revive your garden and outdoor space.
Sweep, clean and add new planters in preparation for a long aperitivo season.

7. And sit exclusively alfresco when dining out.
Nothing a little light layering can’t handle.


8. Start buying produce at farmers' markets again.
Grocery shopping should be done alfresco, too.

9. Open the windows and let in the breeze.

10. Lighten up snack time.
Fruit-and-cheese plates from here on out.


11. Switch back to cold brew.
Rejoice! Iced coffee season is upon us. 

12. And chilled rosé come happy hour.
Hello, old friend.  


13. Officially pack up your hair dryer.
And begin practicing the age-old art of air-drying.

14. And ditch full-face makeup.
Work a humidity-friendly, fresh-faced look--it’s super on trend.

15. Take the gym outside.
Decompress from your day, in the light of day.

16. Book a vacay--even if it’s just a weekend jaunt.
You’re amped up. Might as well have something concrete to look forward to.

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