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Come on, is there anything in life that makes you feel more joy than seeing your home state represented on the small screen? That’s why we put together this epic list of the best TV show set in every state. Let the pop culture debate begin.

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state tv alabama
The CV

Alabama: “Hart of Dixie”

Rachel Bilson leaves the hustle and bustle of New York City behind to work as a doctor in what’s destined to become her new (and oh so sweet) home, Alabama.

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state tv alaska

Alaska: “Northern Exposure”

Another tale of a New Yorker struggling to acclimate to a new place: This TV show—which ran from 1990 to 1995—follows a doctor who’s forced to relocate his practice. (Did we mention a pre-Sex and the City John Corbett appears?)

state tv arizona

Arizona: “The Last Man on Earth”

A virus wipes out the entire population except for Will Forte. Or so he thinks. (Cue the arrival of his hilarious fellow survivor Kristen Schaal—and pretty soon Kristen Wiig.)

state tv arkansas

Arkansas: “Evening Shade”

It’s a classic tale of a retired pro-football player (Burt Reynolds) who returns home to coach a losing high school team. We bet you $10 his work pays off.

state tv california

California: “Beverly Hills, 90210”

You’re either pro Dylan and Brenda or pro Dylan and Kelly. Reference this show—which ran for a whopping ten seasons—and we’re willing to bet your friends are still drawing a line in the sand.

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state tv colorado

Colorado: “Community”

After Joel McHale’s law degree gets revoked, he’s forced to head back to the community college classroom where he accidentally invents the best study group of all time in order to meet a girl.

state tv conn

Connecticut: “Gilmore Girls”

Where would we be without Lorelai and Rory and the cast of characters—ahem, Sookie St. James—that all reside (and thankfully keep reprising their roles) in the ever-quaint Stars Hollow?

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state tv delaware

Delaware: “The Pretender”

This show—which ran from 1996 to 2000—follows a man with the uncanny ability to impersonate any person that crosses his path. Mad skills, if only he weren’t on the run from a top-secret agency all the time.

state tv florida

Florida: “The Golden Girls”

If our own retirement doesn’t emulate the on-screen lives of Rose, Dorothy, Sophia and Blanche, then we want no part.

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state tv georgia

Georgia: “The Walking Dead”

This show—about a sheriff forced to deal with a zombie apocalypse—takes place in Atlanta (for the most part) and has been making zombies cool again since 2010.

state tv hawai

Hawaii: “Hawaii Five-O”

The original (about an elite branch of the Hawaii PD, which ran from 1968 to 1980). Not the reboot.

state tv idaho

Idaho: “Wayward Pines”

A secret service agent travels here in search of two colleagues who’ve gone missing. Too bad he may never get out alive. Dun dun dun.

state tv illinois

Illinois: “ER”

This drama—about the lives of the doctors and nurses working at a hospital in Chicago—was the OG of medical shows. (Flashback to the early days when George Clooney and Noah Wyle made up the gorgeous staff.)

state tv indiana

Indiana: “Parks and Recreation”

Leslie Knope for president. Let's just say we'd get behind all the projects on the government docket in the fictional town of Pawnee.

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tv show iowa2

Iowa: “Julie”

This short-lived TV sitcom—about a television personality who marries a veterinarian and moves to Sioux City—starred movie legend Julie Andrews. (And if you think you spotted Boy Meets World's Shawn Hunter, you're right.)

tv show kansas1

Kansas: “United States of Tara”

Another John Corbett alert. This award-winning series—which starred the ever-remarkable Toni Collette—follows a woman trying to find a balance between raising a dysfunctional family and dealing with a dysfunctional personality disorder.

tv show kentucky1

Kentucky: “Justified”

A U.S. Marshal (Timothy Olyphant) enforces his own code of justice after returning to his hometown.

tv show louisianna

Louisiana: “True Blood”

The telepathic waitress who encounters a supernatural world helped feed our vampire cravings through the aughts. (But real quick: #TeamBill or #TeamEric?)

tv show maine

Maine: “Murder, She Wrote”

This detective series—about a mystery writer (Angela Lansbury) cracking cases—was on the air for 12 years. 

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tv show maryland

Maryland: “The Wire”

Known as one of the best series of all time, this show chronicles the Baltimore drug scene, as told through the dealers and law enforcement officers trying to crack down on it.

tv shows mass

Massachusetts: “Cheers”

Life goals: Hanging out at a bar where everybody knows your name.

tv show michigan

Michigan: “Home Improvement”

We’d like to thank this show for bringing us Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Also, Tim “the Toolman” Taylor—and OK, Wilson—basically taught us everything we know.

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tv shows minnesota

Minnesota: “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”

Scratch that: Mary Tyler Moore—and her independent career girl goals—taught us everything we know. (Cue the hat toss.)

tv shows missisiipii

Mississippi: “In the Heat of the Night”

This crime series—which ran from 1988 to 1995—followed a black police detective working in a small (and racially hostile) Mississippi town.

tv shows missouri

Missouri: “Grace Under Fire”

Brett Butler plays a recovering alcoholic who, after leaving her abusive husband, is left to raise three kids all on her own. Kinda ahead of its time.

tv shows montana

Montana: “Buckskin”

This 1950s American Western only lasted a season, but it lived on in reruns for years.

tv shows nebraska

Nebraska: “The Young Riders”

Stephen Baldwin appeared in this other Western—about a group of Pony Express riders in the years leading up to the Civil War. (In the late '80s, it was so big, it faced off against Cheers.)

tv shows nevada

Nevada: “Bonanza”

This TV show—often considered one of the top 50 of all time—follows the Cartwright family and their adventures running a ranch.

tv shows nh

New Hampshire: “The Goodwin Games”

A top-notch cast (Becki Newton, Scott Foley and T.J. Miller) starred in this short-lived show about three estranged siblings who have to complete a series of “games” in order to inherit $23 million left to them by their late father.

tv shows newjersey

New Jersey: “The Sopranos”

If you still haven’t watched this epic series—about Tony Soprano, an Italian American mobster trying to balance his personal and professional life—clear your schedule. The time to binge-watch it is now.

tv shows newmexico

New Mexico: “Breaking Bad”

Ditto, “Breaking Bad.” Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is a high school chemistry teacher who takes providing for his family to the next level when he’s diagnosed with lung cancer and decides to manufacture and sell methamphetamine to pay the bills.

tv shows ny

New York: “Seinfeld”

We love you Sex and the City and Friends, but with episodes like “The Chinese Restaurant” and “The Yada Yada,” we have to bow down.

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tv shows ncarolina

North Carolina: “One Tree Hill”

Two brothers (including Chad Michael Murray) go head-to-head on—and off—the basketball court in Tree Hill, a small (and fictional) North Carolina town.

tv shows ndakota

North Dakota: “Fargo”

Yes, the TV version of the hit Coen brothers film changes location quite a bit, but several chilling episodes—especially in the first season—are still set in and around this now-famous town.

tv shows ohio

Ohio: “Glee”

This musical TV show—about a high school glee club battling serious stereotypes—will make you want to join an a cappella group stat.

tv shows oklahoma

Oklahoma: “Saving Grace”

Holly Hunter is the star of this series about an Oklahoma police detective who encounters an angel that encourages her to change her life.

tv shows oregon

Oregon: “Portlandia”

This series of sketches (starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein) about the counterculture life in Portland, Oregon, will make you LOL.

tv show penn

Pennsylvania: “The Office”

Thanks to this mockumentary series—about a group of typical office workers—Scranton, PA (and OK, Jim and Pam), will always hold a special place in our heart.

tv shows ri

Rhode Island: “Family Guy”

Sure, Quahog is a fictional town, but it feels pretty real thanks to this animated series about the Griffins and the dysfunctional life they lead.

tv shows scarolina

South Carolina: “Vice Principals”

After the school principal retires, two vice principals—Danny McBride and Walton Goggins—will stop at nothing to secure the primo spot at the top.

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tv shows sdakota

South Dakota: “Deadwood”

Set in the 1800s, this gritty series—which ran for three seasons—delves deep into the formation of a South Dakota town.

tv shows tennessee

Tennessee: “Nashville”

Two singers (Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere) work overtime to earn the “Queen of Country” title—and dethrone the other in the process.

tv shows texas

Texas: “Friday Night Lights”

Speaking of Connie Britton, she also stars in this critically acclaimed series about the high school football culture in a small—and fictional—Texas town. Clear eyes, baby.

tv shows utah

Utah: “Big Love”

This beloved series—which ran for five seasons—follows a polygamous Mormon family and the struggles they encounter navigating their atypical love lives.

tv shows newhart

Vermont: “Newhart”

Bob Newhart stars in this iconic show—with one of the most legendary endings—about an innkeeper and his wife living in rural Vermont.

tv shows virginia

Virginia: “Homeland”

As a bipolar CIA agent, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) tracks terrorist activity while navigating her mental illness. (Good thing the ever-reasonable Saul is there to help.)

tv shows washington

Washington: “Grey's Anatomy”

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) leads the charge in this show—set in a fictional Seattle hospital—about a group of surgical residents turned doctors. (No, we’re still not ready to talk about Patrick Dempsey’s character’s fate.)

tv shows washdc

Washington, D.C.: “Scandal”

Thanks to this show—about a former White House communications director who starts her own crisis management firm—we can’t resist trying to fit the phrase “it’s handled” into our daily meetings.

tv shows wvirginia

West Virginia: “Hawkins”

James Stewart won a Golden Globe for his performance as a lawyer in this critically acclaimed series only to request it be cancelled after one season. (Apparently, despite his award, he felt the quality was subpar.)

tv shows wisconsin

Wisconsin: “That '70s Show”

A group of pot-smoking teens come of age while “hanging out down the street” in this hit show.

tv shows wyomin

Wyoming: “Longmire”

Despite his fragile mental state, a county sheriff returns to work after his wife’s death, determined to put on a brave face and fight local crime.

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