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She’s a media mogul, owns an entire television network and magazine, both self-titled, and is the chief most gesticulate woman in the world. We're just going to come out and say it: Oprah Winfrey is queen. Winfrey's joie de vivre and unparalleled philanthropy forever secure her reign at the top. We've compiled ten of the most Oprah things only Oprah is capable of doing. 

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1. When She Introduced the World To The Magic of ’Oprah’

Winfrey was only 32 years old when she launched The Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicagowhich would ultimately run for 25 magnificent seasons. Prior to hosting her successful self-titled talk show, Winfrey worked as a host on the Baltimore-based program People Are Talking, followed by another hosting gig on A.M. Chicago.

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Oprah Best Moments Philly
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2. When She Surprised 131 Audience Members With A Trip To Philadelphia

If there's one thing that Winfrey loves, it's surprises. Queen O and 131 lucky audience members spent the day climbing the Rocky steps, seeing the Liberty Bell and eating oodles of Philly cheesesteaks. Dreams do come true. 

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3. When She Invited The World To Join Her Book Club

Winfrey announced her bangers-only book club in 1996. Since then, she's picked 76 literary masterpieces (and one fraud…looking at you James Frey). Here she is posing with the author of her latest pick, Pulitzer Prize winner The Underground Railroad: A Novel by Colson Whitehead. 

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4. When EVERYBODY Got A Car (Except For Us, Sigh)

Winfrey reached the pinnacle of living life in ALL CAPS when she celebrated her show's 19th season by giving 276 audience members brand new Pontiac G6s. Baller.        


Oprah best moment favorite things
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5. When She Showed Us A Few of Her Favorite Things

In 2002 Oprah began her (wonderful) tradition of gifting audience members with a truck-load of her favorite things. Ellen DeGeneres is great, but Oprah is the only talk show host ever to inspire genuine fits of hysteria. 

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Oprah Dr. Phil
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6. When She Said, “Boy, Bye” To Dr. Phil’s Stache

Oprah celebrated the tenth anniversary of her eponymous publication, O, The Oprah Magazine, by shaving off Dr. Phil's mustache on-air. We’ll just leave you with that.


7. When She Got Bootylicious With Beyonce

Touché, Oprah. We were not ready for that jelly. 

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8. When She Road-Tripped With BFF Gayle

Thelma and Louise Oprah and Gayle trekked from Santa Barbara to New York City (3,600 miles) in ten days. They stopped in Vegas, a Dairy Queen, Amish Country and Graceland. We’d kill to Thomas Guide it up with this pair. 

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9. When She Proved She’s Superhuman

Fact: Oprah doesn't feel pain because she is OPRAH. 


10. And Finally, When She Boldly Professed Her Love For The Holy Goodness, Bread

Whether baguette, lavash, flaxseed, challah, bagel or ciabatta, the woman does not discriminate. Amen.

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