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When you’re riding public transportation for hours every day, it’s inevitable: Sooner or later, you’re bound to get into a podcast rut. We’re here to help. Here are six new podcasts we’re completely obsessed with. Subscribe now and thank us later.

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NY Podcasts List1

“I Was There Too”

OK, we’ve all heard celebrities tell movie anecdotes on endless talk shows. But what about the actor standing next to the star in an iconic film? Move over, Bill Murray. We want to get the inside scoop on Groundhog Day from Ned Ryerson. (Bing!)

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NY Podcasts List2
2 Dope Queens

“2 Dope Queens”

Don’t cry--Jessica Williams may have left The Daily Show, but she’s still doing hilarious live shows all over NYC with her friend, funny lady Phoebe Robinson. Lucky for us, they put it in podcast form so we can listen to their musings on fanny packs, Tinder and dad bod whenever we want.

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NY Podcasts List3

“Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People”

Comedian Chris Gethard wants you to call him. Well, he wants anyone to call him. The only catch is you can’t give your name and you must agree to appear on his podcast. The results are surprisingly moving and entertaining.

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NY Podcast List4

“Modern Love”

Yessssss, our favorite New York Times column is now being narrated by stars like Jason Alexander, Catherine Keener and Katie Couric. We’re never missing an episode.

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NY Podcasts List5
Reply All

“Reply All”

If you’ve been going through “Serial” withdrawal, listen to episode #64, “On the Inside.” We don’t want to tell you too much, but it’s about a prisoner serving a life sentence who writes a blog--the only thing is, he’s been in jail since he was 18, so he’s never used the Internet before. Podcasting at its best, people.

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NY Podcasts List6
The Awkward Human Survival Guide

“The Awkward Human Survival Guide”

Got an awkward question? Anonymously submit it to this podcast, and hosts Adam Dachis, Darren Herczeg, Erica Elson and Richard Cardenas will give you entertaining advice, no matter how weird or embarrassing the topic is.

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