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Ahh, 2016: You’ve been quite a year. And while we can’t say we’re sad you’re over, we can say we’ve learned a lot…including these eight tricks to make our lives a little easier. Hey, every bit counts.

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best hacks end fight

How to End a Fight in Five Seconds

Simple: The next time you see the toilet seat up, ask yourself, “Will I care about this in a year?” If the answer is no, drop it.

best hacks grilled cheese

Make Your Grilled Cheese Even Tastier

We know, we didn’t think it was even possible. But if you slather mayo on the bread before you put it in the frying pan, it’s a total game changer. Welp, consider our minds blown.

best hacks wet hair
Getty Images

How to Properly Condition Your Hair

Did you know you should be conditioning before you shampoo? And applying hair masks to dry hair? Us either. Plus, here are three more hair tricks you should check out. 

best hacks trash bags

You’re Using Trash Bags All Wrong

A handy little tip: Save cleaning-up time by placing ten trash bags inside one another. Each time you pull one out? Voilà: another one, right there waiting. 

best hacks cool girls

The Secrets of Cool Women

You know that rare breed of woman who’s so effortlessly cool that you can’t even be envious of her smarts and charm? Even if you aren’t her naturally, you can steal some of her secrets and get a little bit closer to being that girl.

best hacks google maps

How to Use Google Maps Offline

The next time you're on vacation, download the city's Google map so you can see where you're going, even when you don't have service. Whoa, handy.

best hacks set table

How to Set a Table for Guests

Psst: The fork goes on the left side, and the spoon and knife go on the right side—blade facing in. Or just print our handy little cheat sheet

best hacks heels

How to Wear Heels Without Falling or Getting a Blister

Yep, it's actually possible to pull off those adorable New Year's Eve stilettos sans tears. First, wear them around the house with socks. Next, rub deodorant wherever the shoes rub against your feet. Third, dance like no one's watching. You got this.

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