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Think of it as a feel-good alternative to your politically charged social feeds: These 16 movies will get you in the election spirit without breaking your spirit. Cue ‘em up before November 8.

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Bona Fide Productions


Even though, in a fit of rage, she tore down all of her opponent’s campaign posters, we’d vote for Reese Witherspoon—er, Tracy Flick—every time.

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Universal Pictures

“The American President”

Aaron Sorkin wrote this gem about a widowed U.S. president (Michael Douglas) who falls for a charming lobbyist (Annette Bening). Cue the drop in approval ratings, but also the romance. 

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Redford-Ritchie Productions

“The Candidate”

Dreamboat (and leftist) Robert Redford has zero chance of winning a Senate seat until his campaign manager tweaks his messaging. Then, game on.

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Focus Features


It’s the story of Harvey Milk (Sean Penn), a gay activist in the '70s who went on to become California’s first openly gay elected official—and a patron saint of that civil-rights movement. 

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Warner Bros.


Not even the first lady (Sigourney Weaver) knows that an average guy (Kevin Kline) has been made the president’s body double after POTUS suffers a debilitating stroke. The concept is a little weak, but the comedy is gold.

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“Head of State”

After the presidential and vice presidential candidates are killed in a plane crash, a "man of the people" (Chris Rock) unexpectedly runs for office—and, of course, goes a little off script. 

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Cross Creek Pictures

“The Ides of March”

Ryan Gosling plays an idealistic campaign manager. George Clooney plays the dirty presidential candidate. It gets ugly. But they’re still pretty.

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Battleground Productions

“The Contender”

Joan Allen earned an Academy Award nomination for her role as the first woman elected to a presidential office after the sitting VP unexpectedly dies. 

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Universal Pictures

“Man of the Year”

Robin Williams stars as the satirical host of a political talk show who decides to follow through on his claims that he’d be a better president than the dude currently in the White House. Drama ensues.

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Warner Bros.

“The Campaign”

When a congressman (Will Ferrell) commits a major political faux pas, two rival CEOs have to frantically come up with a backup candidate. Their choice? The one, the only… Zach Galifianakis.

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New Line Cinema

“Wag the Dog”

A mere two weeks before reelection, the U.S. prez (Dustin Hoffman) finds himself at the center of a major sex scandal. Good thing a spin doctor (Robert De Niro) is there to clean things up. 

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Hollywood Pictures

“The Distinguished Gentleman”

A candidate (Eddie Murphy) develops a conscience mid-campaign in this political comedy about a man using his own name recognition to con his way into Congress.

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Award Entertainment

“Primary Colors”

John Travolta plays a smooth-operator presidential candidate from the South with an ambitious wife (Hillary Clinton Emma Thompson).

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Touchstone Pictures

“Swing Vote”

In a cutthroat race for the presidency, it all comes down to one man’s vote: Kevin Costner’s. (Make it count, Kev.)

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Twentieth Century Fox


A politically disillusioned senator (Warren Beatty) orders a contract killing on himself just before he meets a woman (the ever-lovely Halle Berry) who restores his faith in the system just in time.

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Columbia Pictures

“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”

Two words: Jimmy Stewart.

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