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Everyone who has thrown a successful gathering at their home knows that the magic happens when you strike a balance between being hostess of the year and having some fun yourself. And to do this, one must know exactly who to call to outsource the party checklist. Got your pen ready? Write these down.

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OK, we must admit that Paperless Post has totally stepped its game up lately and is offering adorable (and affordable) online invites. But if you’re going for snail mail, you can’t beat the custom letterpressed creations by Bell’ Invito.

147 Pittsburg St.; 214-741-1717 or



Our go-to caterer is The Festive Kitchen. Reliable and quick, they offer everything from salads and tea sandwiches to New Zealand lamb chops with caprese skewers (variety is key). Did we mention the food is outstanding? That’s kind of important, too.

3404 Rosedale Ave.; 972-437-1523 or



Does your yard usually consist of a couple flowerpots and a Slip ’N Slide? Sure. But for a special occasion, you can easily transform the space with a few key rentals—like a rustic communal table to fit all your guests—from Perch Event Décor.

25 Highland Park Village, #466; 785-643-2373 or


Oh, you don’t have the perfect table runner for your table rental? Of course you don’t. But La Tavola is ready to style your soiree with lovely linens. They’ll come to you pressed and pristine so you don’t have to bust out the iron or scrub out annoying stains from 2014’s Thanksgiving dinner.

375 Howell St.; 972-392-3233 or

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No matter how hard you try to re-create those perfectly posh bouquets at home, you end up knee-deep in stems and lackluster decor in exchange for hours of blood, sweat and tears. Swallow your pride and hit up Central Market’s flower section. They offer large, lush arrangements for less than any florist in town. Peonies, hydrangeas, ranunculus? The choice is yours.

Multiple locations;



For cupcakes, pies, bars and custom cookies galore, Bird Bakery is our current obsession. Whether you claim them as your own or give the bakery the credit is between you and the big guy upstairs.

7 Highland Park Village; 214-780-0322 or



Sure, it’s just a simple dinner party, but don’t you want people to remember it forever and always? Yup. Mirmir is that photo booth you are seeing all over Instagram that makes everyone look like a movie star.

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