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When it comes to warm-weather outings, the results are unpredictable. While some celebrities are naturally athletic and graceful, others have their moments of plebeian embarrassment. Enjoy these eight major celebrity wipeouts.

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Matthew McConaughey Celebrity Wipeouts
Philip Ramey/Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey

Alright, alright, alr—ahhhhhhhhhh.

Taylor Lautner Celebrity Wipeouts
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Taylor Lautner

A beached whale wolf.

Margot Robbie Celebrity Wipeouts1

Margot Robbie

It’s called horizontal surfing, OK?

Prince Harry Celebrity Wipeouts
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Harry

Don't embarrass the Queen. Don't embarrass the Queen.

Liam Hemsworth Celebrity Wipeouts1

Liam Hemsworth

Oh, look! A seashell!

Vanessa Hudgens Celebrity Wipeouts
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens

Saltwater facials: the hot new trend.

Michael Phelps Celebrity Wipeouts
Logan Fazio/Getty Images

Michael Phelps

What can we say, land isn't his forte.

Amy Schumer Celebrity Wipeouts1

Amy Schumer

Warning: Use pool floaties at your own risk.

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