12 of the Best Celebrity Memoirs of All Time

From what they eat for breakfast to their fleeting trysts, it can often seem like every aspect of a celeb's life is public knowledge. In most cases, however, a more interesting narrative exists just under the surface. Celebrity memoirs offer us a unique view into the minds and lives of our most beloved stars, and these 12 literary portrayals are no exception. Read on, pop culture aficionados, because these are 12 of the best celebrity memoirs (in our humble opinion).

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‘bossypants’ By Tina Fey

The reigning queen of comedy touches on everything from Internet trolls to her misadventures as a lady boss. It's maybe the best thing she's written since Mean Girls. MAYBE.

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‘stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography’ By Rob Lowe

Aside from Lowe's delightful self-deprecating humor, his refreshing memoir offers such little-known anecdotes as his time spent in a song-and-dance group called Peanut Butter and Jelly.

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‘yes Please’ By Amy Poehler

Poehler recounts her glory days on Saturday Night Live and Park and Rec with this poignant tale of her rise to Knopedom. She offers more than enough life advice and stories to relate to in her 2014 memoir.

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‘wildflower’ By Drew Barrymore

From getting emancipated at the age of 14 to the birth of her children, Barrymore's emotional page-turner comes full circle. And we love every single twist and turn of her journey.

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‘nevertheless: A Memoir’ By Alec Baldwin

Baldwin's exploration of self touches on his childhood growing up in an unhappy home, his later struggle with addiction and his time spent as a soap star. The frank, poignant memoir shows Baldwin in an entirely new light.

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‘scrappy Little Nobody’ By Anna Kendrick

Kendrick's clever wit shines in her effortlessly honest and quirky compilation of life tales. You'll love the story of how she once had to pick a butt double for a film role and why she thinks Zac Efron could actually start a cult.

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‘is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and Other Concerns)' By Mindy Kaling

Kaling offers a glimpse into her inner monologue in this delightfully neurotic account of her thoughts on fame (she wants just enough never to have to worry about being convicted of murder), friendship and her journey from the writers' room to sitcom star.

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‘the Rainbow Comes And Goes’ By Anderson Cooper & Gloria Vanderbilt

A beautiful testament to the love between parent and child, this memoir was born out of Cooper and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt's desire to grow closer after Vanderbilt's recent health scare. The collection is peppered with life lessons and proof that families can overcome anything, good or bad.

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‘bouncing Back : I've Survived Everything...and I Mean Everything...and You Can Too!' By Joan Rivers

An oldie but a goodie. This gem is the most celebrated of Rivers's many memoirs. In it, the comedienne recounts her struggles as a mother (she and Melissa were once estranged), widow and woman on the brink of financial ruin. Oh, our dear Joan. How we miss her biting wit.

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‘the Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo' By Amy Schumer

There's a reason Schumer's book debuted at number one on The New York Times best sellers list. The bold anthology had us doubled over in laughter one moment and nodding our head in solidarity the next.

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‘my Life So Far' By Jane Fonda

From hitting a two-timing Ted Turner with a car phone (true story) to her battle with bulimia, Fonda's story is raw and beautifully written. Her candid memoir highlights the importance of self-love and strength in the face of tribulation.

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‘dream More: Celebrate The Dreamer In You' By Dolly Parton

Country music's unrivaled darling implores her reader to dream more, learn more, care more and be more in her second memoir. Debunking all possible excuses for not meeting one's true potential, Dolly says, “I have no taste and no style and nobody cares. I love it!” They don't call her the Dolly-Lama for nothin'!

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