Nayte Is the Biggest Red Flag on ‘The Bachelorette’ & Here’s Why

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

It’s official: Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette is finally here. The first episode brought loads of cheesy pick-up lines and over-the-top limo arrivals, but if there’s one takeaway from the premiere, it’s that no one—yes, no one—can trust Nayte (pronounced “Nate”).

This might surprise some fans because Nayte seems like a potential frontrunner…at least for now. But based on the promo for next week’s episode (and the rest of the season), he’s going to cause a lot of drama. And therefore, he’s doomed.

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ABC/Craig Sjodin

The footage is shown at the end of the episode, when ABC teases what’s to come in the upcoming installments. At one point, the contestants begin to question Nayte’s intentions, calling him a “player.”

One suitor confronts Nayte, saying, “You're an actor, and you came on a reality TV show.” Another contestant adds, “It seems like there’s a rat in our midst.”

At first, many fans believed the statement is referring to the person who gets caught with a folder containing suspicious documents and index cards. (More on this here.) However, now that the premiere has arrived, it seems like Nayte is the biggest red flag.

What does it mean for his future on the show? Well, the answer is uncertain, but his time is bound to be limited. This situation never works out well for “players,” especially when they become the number one target. Not only is Young determined to find her person, but she’s also not the type to keep someone around who’s hated by everyone.

There are two ways that Young can eliminate Nayte. First, she can send a message to the other contestants by immediately sending him home and demanding that anyone with bad intentions follow suit. Or she can do what the producers want: keep Nayte around long enough to destroy the experience for one or more contestants, who inevitably get stuck in the middle while trying to keep the peace.

Regardless of her decision, it’s not a smart idea to prioritize Nayte on your Bachelorette bracket. Just saying.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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