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You Can Now Pay Someone to Name Your Baby

We live in a world of endless options. In the market for a new bag? Here are approximately seven million. Want a salad? Why not consider 25 protein possibilities? Sometimes we just want someone else to make the choice for us.

That’s the idea behind My Name For Life, a company you can pay to make a not inconsequential decision for you: What to name your baby. 

That’s right. If you can’t choose between Reese and Winnie, the kind folks at My Name For Life will pick for you, based on your “tastes and goals.”  

With services beginning at several hundred dollars, a consultant will chat with you about your priorities, family and preferences, then spend a few dozen hours combing through the archives to find a name that will supposedly set your baby up for success. 

So while we’re not necessarily hopping on board to have our children named by strangers, we are considering submitting our résumé. Because how fun would that job be?

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