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PSA: Airports Are Now Hiring Therapy Pigs
San Francisco International Airport

The long lines at airport security, last-minute gate changes and flight delays—it’s enough to make any traveler anxious. San Francisco International Airport to the rescue: They just hired an adorable little (almost two-year-old) pig named LiLou to help ease your travel nerves.

But get this: She’s actually just the newest addition to the airport’s squad of therapy animals—called the Wag Brigade—which already includes a crew of darling dogs, all on staff to make airport-goers smile.

Still, LiLou is kind of a big deal because she’s the first-ever pig. Her main job? To parade around the airport in a tutu and cute little vest labeled with a single request: “Pet me!” (She was hired for her temperament and winning airport-friendly personality, so she’s totally chill.)

In our opinion, the next step is letting her roam the plane. After all, if pigs could fly….we’d have zero travel anxiety at all.

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