The One Thing Adele Does Better Than Anyone Else

And it's not singing

Hello? It’s us, and we’re kind of obsessed with Adele. She’s talented, she’s charming, she’s down to earth, she’s gorgeous…she’s kinda everything. But something we’ve noticed: It’s not just her singing that makes her the best. It’s that she’s wholly, completely true to herself. Here are a few examples (and how you can be that way, too).

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

Know What You're Good At

At publication time, Adele has neither designed a clothing line nor a signature perfume, and we love that. She writes songs, sings them beautifully and seems to be totally (understandably) fine with sticking to just that. She’s confident in her abilities and doesn’t feel the need to overextend herself.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Know What Looks Good On You

Celebrities often get flack for wearing the same thing every time they hit a red carpet. Lame. If you know what you’re comfortable in--in Adele’s case, dark hues, minimal accessories and an always on-point cat eye--why not stick with it? We appreciate her refusal to become a slave to fashion, especially when she looks fly all the time anyway.

Don't Be Afraid To Be Weird

Did you catch her most recent performance on SNL? Obviously, it was showstopping. But instead of dropping the mic and basking in her own glory (like most talent would), Adele made the above face. Kinda like you would after your favorite karaoke song. Grammy- and Oscar-winning icons: They’re just like us.

Don't Be Afraid To Show Your Emotions

Sure, her songs are packed with feelings, but IRL Adele never shies away from getting emotional--something we can all learn from. Instead of playing it cool and staying poker-faced at all times (like when she wins awards or plays Radio City), Adele comes across genuine and appreciative and actually moved.

But Do Keep Some Things To Yourself

Like your private life. Adele’s general reluctance to reveal very little about her personal details is endearing in an age of oversharing (celebrity and otherwise). Even if it wasn’t exactly her idea (she’s a self-proclaimed drunk Tweeter), it’s a nice reminder that not everything needs to go on the Internet.