This New Christmas Movie Is the #1 Film on Netflix Right Now (& It Includes a Real-Life Love Story)

Netflix has released another holiday rom-com to lift your spirits this year.

A California Christmas debuted on the streaming service on Monday, December 14 and has already claimed the top spot on the most-popular movies list surpassing The Prom, The 2nd, The Christmas Chronicles 2 and Mauraders. Keep reading for everything we know about this unconventional Christmas flick, which takes place in (you guessed it) California.

A California Christmas tells the story of Joseph, a wealthy businessman on a quest to get a promotion at work. In his attempt, he’s determined to convince a hardworking farmer named Callie to sell her family’s farm before Christmas. But when he arrives, he’s mistaken for the new ranch hand and uses his new deceptive position as a clever ruse to gain Callie’s trust. However, he just might get more than he bargained for when their relationship begins to grow unexpectedly.

The film comes with a real-life love story as well. The two leads Lauren Swickard and Josh Swickard share the same last name—not because they are blood relatives, but because they are actually married in real life. Yup, the duo apparently met in 2017 on the set of Roped, which was released earlier this year on the platform. You may recognize Josh from his previous roles including his time as Harrison Chase on the famed soap General Hospital.

Directed by Shaun Paul Piccinino, A California Christmas also stars Amanda Detmer (You, Me and Dupree), Ali Afshar (Godzilla), David Del Rio (Pitch Perfect), Gunnar Anderson (Ratched), Katelyn Epperly (Roped), and Natalia Mann (The Passage).

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