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Your Favorite New Karaoke Bar Awaits
Sing it like Anna Kendrick.

How’s your Monday going? Yep, thought so. You really should let loose. Here to help you beat the workweek blues: two new Chicago spots you need to know about. Both offer stiff drinks, comforting snacks and--wait for it--karaoke. Plans for an epic “Bad Blood” sing-off begin…now.

Lowcountry: We live in kind of a foodie town, so you may have heard about the epic crab boils going down at this new Lakeview spot. After you’ve had your fill of seafood, head downstairs to work it all off with some Spice Girls-inspired moves. On the lower level, Clark Street Karaoke has five private karaoke rooms. The cozy spaces hold 6 to 12 people apiece and rent for $35 to $45 an hour. Bottle service is available, along with snacks like calamari and popcorn chicken.

3343 N. Clark St.; 773-816-9988 or

Rec Room: If you’re looking for a full-on karaoke bash, this place is your best bet. With all the fabulously kitschy trappings of a retro rec room--think Christmas lights, board games, a jukebox--it can host karaoke bashes for 75 guests. (Just think of all the off-key Bey possibilities!) And here’s where it really gets good: Instead of a mere karaoke machine, Rec Room will arrange to have a live band play along with you as you slay classic rock songs from Bon Jovi and the like. Event menus offer everything from salmon ceviche to Klondike Bars, and bottle service is available as well.

Located under Henry’s Swing Club, 18 W. Hubbard St.; 312-955-8018 or Pricing varies.

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