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You Can Take Singing Lessons from Christina Aguilera for $90

Ever wished you could were a tenth as good at tennis as Serena? Or could belt some karaoke like Christina?

A new site called MasterClass offers classes on just that. From Serena Williams and Christina Aguilera themselves.

All tutorials are video-based and beautifully filmed. For $90 per session, you can watch tutorials from either of those ladies or others (say, acting techniques from Dustin Hoffman and writing tips from James Patterson).

Important to note: Class lengths vary. Serena’s tennis course runs about two hours while acting with Hoffman is five. Some instructors even hold office hours to answer students' questions and critique their performance. For example, students can submit writing samples for other students (and possibly even Patterson himself, according to the website) to give feedback.

Coming soon to MasterClass? Photography with Annie Leibovitz and “performing” with Usher. We're not entirely sure what the latte rmeans, but there are worse things we've spent $100 on.

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