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What Your Subway Usage Says About You

What separates a hard-core New Yorker from a lowly tourist? Well, indifference to Ryan Gosling sightings, for starters--but there’s a more scientific way to calculate New Yorker cred. Check out an interactive map that tallies your official “Subway Station Number.”

Here’s how it works: Click on the map to chart every subway station you’ve ever been to (stations you’ve only ridden through don’t count, so you can’t check off that time the train stopped for five minutes in Queens Plaza). Based on the number you’ve visited, you’ll be ranked as one of the following: an NYC Outsider, a Rich Tourist, a Junior Commuter, an Official Resident or an NYC Lifer.

Even cooler: The map saves your progress, so you can go back and up your score next week after your coworker’s housewarming party on Franklin Avenue. 

Stand clear of the closing doors, please.

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