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What Your Cats Meowing Actually Means

Ever wonder what the hell your kitty is trying to tell you (beyond: hey, I’m about to barf up a hairball)? In his new book, How to Speak Cat, animal behaviorist Dr. Gary Weitzman purports to decode some key feline “phrases.” Here’s what your little guy might be communicating:

Purring: In addition to signaling happiness, a low insistent rumbling might also mean “I’m injured” or “I’m sick.” Basically, purring is a cat’s way of saying “Stick around here with me.”

Slow Blinking: “I feel so close to you right now, I could kiss you. But since I’m a cat, this slow blink will have to do.”

Leg Rubbing: “Dude! I’m glad to see you again!”

Flattened Ears: “I’m totally pissed off or scared and you’d better stay away.”

Meowing: Believe it or not, cats don’t meow to one another. Rather, scientists believe it’s a behavior developed to communicate specifically with their owners. So when your cat’s meowing at you, look deep within yourself--you know what she’s saying.

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