What Is #SquadGoals and When Do I Use It?

You're a smart, in-the-know woman, but one Internet "thing" has eluded you: #SquadGoals.

No longer. Let's break it down. 

Per teen tech-speak, "squad" refers to a group of friends, and "goals" is a general term used to describe something you aspire to. Therefore, #SquadGoals basically means a friend group you wish you could be a part of. (See: Taylor Swift's entire 1989 tour.) 

Depending on your cultural preferences, the following groups could define #SquadGoals for you: 

1. The cast of Seinfeld 

2. The cast of Gossip Girl

3. This group of dogs being walked by Daniel Radcliffe

But, like most things on the Internet, the term can be interpreted in many different ways. So if you and your pals are headed out for the night looking [fire emoji], by all means, hashtag your Instagram #SquadGoals with pride.

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