Remember that moment when you first glimpsed a fashion magazine and couldn’t wait for your legs to grow to supermodel lengths? Ha. If you’re a shortie like us, you’re still anxiously awaiting those gams. Here, 25 things only petite gals will ever understand.


1. You have no idea what’s on the top shelf of your bookcase. (We’re guessing dust bunnies.)

2. Or how to get a rolling suitcase into overhead storage without whacking fellow air travelers in the face.

3. High barstools always pose a big problem--the leg-dangle factor, in particular.

4. Speaking of bars, how the hell are you supposed to order when all the bartender can see is the tippy-top of your ponytail?

5. You’re a pro at sussing out children and old ladies to sit behind at movies.

6. Or balling up your jacket and using it as a booster seat.


7. You always buy the highest heels.

8. But think it’s an injustice when anybody over 5’5” wears them.

9. You see your tailor more often than your mother.

10. You’re not opposed to shopping in the kids’ section.

11. Or buying a shirt a size bigger…to wear as a dress.

12. Oh and can somebody please explain why they always stack the smallest jeans on the highest shelf?


13. Your tall friends won’t stand next to you in a group picture.

14. Or--worse--make you squat down in the front row.

15. Dating was always pretty easy because everyone was taller than you.

16. But lines at Disney World are basically an exercise in being crammed into some dude’s back fat.

Paramount Pictures

17. You sit about six inches from the steering wheel

18. Which actually endears you to many a backseat passenger.

19. Spin class bike adjustments take at least ten minutes.

20. And roller-coaster height requirements are always a bit touch-and-go.


21. You’re used to being called “cute” as a compliment.

22. And when you name your shoe size, a chorus of “awwww” seems to come out of nowhere.

23. The mailman recently asked where you’re applying to colleges.

24. You have to walk like a Pekingese just to keep stride with a normal-sized person.

25. But, hey, at least you finally have a Barbie you can relate to.

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