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Yes, we're from New York. No, we don't wear Manolo Blahniks or complain about our mothers to our analysts. Here, 27 things all upstate, central or western New Yorkers understand...even if nobody else seems to.


1. First things first: “Upstate” is north of Schenectady, “central” is west of Utica and “western” is anywhere people call soda “pop.”

2. Anything south of Albany is basically Westchester.

3. And we’re sick of explaining to people that we actually live seven hours away from the Statue of Liberty.


4. We think frozen custard is the only form of ice cream anyone should ever bother with.

5. We think potatoes taste best when boiled in three cups of salt.

6. We've eaten a garbage plate. Usually when drunk and always with a side of white bread.


7. We think that “elf” and “Alf” have the same pronunciation.

8. We know all the rules of euchre.

9. And all the lyrics to the "Low Bridge" Erie Canal song.

10. But we have definitely been to like 16 Ani DiFranco concerts.


11. Snow days...are not a thing. Two feet is a dusting, people.

12. Remote car starters are our best friend. Squad also contains: window scrapers, plow drivers and seat warmers.

13. And we definitely break out our shorts the first time temps hit 40 degrees.


14. No pig, sausage sandwich or butter sculpture can ever live up to the one we once saw at the New York State Fair.

15. When friends come to visit, we take them to Wegmans as part of the sightseeing tour. 

16. Square dancing was an annual required unit in gym class.


17. We know that SUNY Binghamton kids study business administration.

18. That SUNY Oswego kids study basement beer pong.

19. That Cornell kids study a capella and hotel management.

20. And that Syracuse kids study moving to the city and complaining about not getting promoted fast enough at NBC Universal.


21. We grew up drinking Canadian beer.

22. And going to Canada to buy beer because a) lower drinking age and b) duty free!

23. Related: making sure your passport was up-to-date so you could get into all the cool bars in Toronto.


24. We know that apple picking and cider doughnuts are life. 

25. That Carmelo Anthony is a national treasure.

26. That Ithaca is gorges.

27. But three words: Lake Effect Snow.


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