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Nestled comfortably between the Golden State and that other state that Seattle is in, Oregon is the true gem of the West Coast. And you may think you know everything about it (you’re an avid Portlandia devotee, after all), but do you really?

Let us enlighten you with 29 truths about the Beaver State.


1. We’re not all a bunch of vegan hipsters.

2. But we're also not a bunch of radical anti-government, pro-militia activists, either (those Bundys are from Nevada, guys).

3. We’re all familiar with (and grew up playing) The Oregon Trail, too.

4. “Be nice, you’re in Oregon” is the official unofficial state bumper sticker.

5. We don’t drink PBR, people. We drink award-winning microbrews that were probably crafted by our brother’s friend’s cousin.

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6. We are pretty P.C. and pretty proud of it.

7. Except about Californians. They’re the worst.

8. But so are Washingtonians. (Who taught them to drive?!)


9. There is nothing that we won’t pickle.

10. Fact: We have a completely neutral, unidentifiable accent.

11. More facts: We don’t pump our own gas or pay sales tax.

12. The Portland-based unicycle-riding Darth Vader playing bagpipes is real.

13. Speaking of Portland: Oregon is way more than just the City of Roses.


14. Cycling is life.

15. Recycling is life.

16. Hipster Santa is actually a thing. (Man bun alert!)


17. Willamette Valley is the new Silicon Valley.

18. Willamette Valley is the new Napa Valley.

19. We think you need to learn how to pronounce “Willamette.”

20. For that matter: Learn how to pronounce “Oregon,” dammit.


21. Despite the rainy reputation, no one here owns an umbrella. No one.

22. This is the birthplace of Stumptown. We get a free pass at being coffee snobs.

23. We don’t go to "the beach"; we go to "the coast." And we don’t pack bathing suits and flip-flops; we pack Columbia jackets and Sorel boots.

24. And we always go for clam chowder at Mo’s. (P.S. It’s pronounced “CHOW-derrr,” you New Englanders.)


25. We post Instagrams of our feet standing on the world-famous PDX carpet to show everyone that we’re home.

26. We will always support small, independent businesses. Powell’s Books for the win!

27. We understand our core body temperature (and wildly unpredictable weather patterns) enough to rock a puffy down vest and shorts at the same time.

28. Weekend plans invariably involve doing something idyllic and outside. Because seriously: This state is majestic.

29. But if you really need to reach us, we’ll be boozin' and cruisin' on the Cycle Pub.


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