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Bye, Tinder: Theres a New Way to Date in NYC

After swiping left (and swiping left and swiping left) on Tinder, getting our résumé dissected by the League and making the first move on Bumble, we’re ready to step out of the dating driver’s seat and leave our matches up to the stars. No, not Beyoncé--the zodiac. Meet Tinder’s more magical, mystical cousin: Align, a new dating app that matches you by your astrological sign. Here’s how it works…

Choose your traits: Align offers a list of emojis and personality traits to choose from based on your star sign--our batch for Sagittarius included “chatty,” “playful” and that dancing-lady-in-the-red-dress emoji. Pick the six you identify with the most. You’ll also be assigned a color depending on whether you’re an earth sign (green), fire sign (red), water sign (blue) or air sign (yellow).

Don’t question the process: Unlike other dating apps, Align isn’t matching you based on whether you both love The Walking Dead. Instead, you’ll be paired with users who complement your personality, sometimes in ways you might not expect--so give that fun-loving, energetic Aries a chance, even if you’re a shy, quiet Virgo.

Explore your constellation: Based on your star chart and the traits you’ve picked, Align sets up a “constellation” of matches (basically a group of potential dates in a cluster, with better matches appearing larger). Select the users you’d like to connect with (if any--we're still kiiiinda curious about the types of guys who would actually sign up for a horoscope-based dating site, TBH). You’ll get a new constellation every 24 hours.

See the stars align: If you and another user both pick each other, you’re a match. You’ll both enter an in-app chat, where you can talk about your rising signs, today’s horoscope or, fine, the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Then meet up in person and see if it’s written in the stars.

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