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She’s been your style guru, your chicken soup maker and your fave person on the entire planet since forever. And (let’s face it) she knows something about everything. We’re obviously talking about your mom. As far as we’re concerned, she’s the authority on all things life, love and the pursuit of the perfect eye cream. Here’s the best advice the PureWow editors have ever received from our mothers.


It doesn't matter when you learn to read--just that you do. (Read being interchangeable for pretty much anything in life.)
- Susan Waits, Senior Editor, Shirley's daughter

Always wear good underwear, because you never know when you're going to get into an accident and the EMTs are going to have to rip off your clothes in front of a crowd of onlookers. 
- Cristina Gutierrez, Editor, Donna's daughter

When I look at old photos of my groovy mom from the '70s, I'm totally inspired by her laid-back look. Her very best style advice? Go hog-wild with the latest trends (a Boho-inspired fringed jacket? Yes, please!), but always keep your accessories classic. I know she'd give her ardent approval to this elegant timepiece from Citizen, with its rose-gold link bracelet and playfully placed diamonds. It will stand the test of time...and a whole lot of trends. 
- Sara Little, Editor, Janet's daughter

Measure twice, cut once. Works on everything from moving homes to trimming your bangs.
- Mary Kate McGrath, Editor in Chief, Marcia's daughter

You can change anything about a man except humor and kindness.
-Jillian Quint, Executive Editor, Marjie's daughter


'A little powder and paint make you what you ain't.' A little bit old-school (from my grandma), but she did have amazing penciled brows.
- Dara Katz, Senior Editor, Judy's daughter (and June's granddaughter)

If you're going to run away from home, at least pack a lunch and a toothbrush.
- Hannah Loewentheil, Assistant Editor, Karen's daughter

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She always reminded us to say please and thank you and all that stuff--and always, always, always send a handwritten thank-you note. It goes a long way.
- Lauren Gniazdowski, Managing Editor, Patricia's daughter

Choices lead and feelings follow.
- Angela Cuneo, Senior Editor, Paula's daughter


You're only as good as your last picture.
- Dana Dickey, Los Angeles Editor, Dee's daughter

Always pat your face to dry it, moving the towel up toward the sky, not down to the ground. Yes, I know you're only five years old, but when you're 65, you'll thank me.
- Lindsay Champion, New York Editor, Joyce's daughter

"Use a little common sense." (Said lovingly to me and my sister after we decided to "wash" my dad's new fire-engine-red truck with a mixture of mud and rocks.)
- Rachel Bowie, Editor, Linda's daughter


My mom isn't a traditional advice giver, but she has told me this approximately 7.62 billion times: "If the worst outcome of a situation doesn't involve you actually dying, it's not worth stressing about." In summary: Don't stress so much.
- Sarah Stiefvater, Editor, Ellen's daughter

If it makes you happy, then it's worth any amount of trouble.
- Roberta Fiorito, Editorial Assistant, Susan's daughter