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The Marriage of Figaro is playing at the Lyric Opera of Chicago right now. And yes, that information matters to you--especially if you don’t like opera. The last time we enjoyed a three-and-a-half-hour production, it was…um, does a Friday Night Lights marathon count? Then we saw this opera, and we’re officially hooked on arias. Here are four reasons you need to see it, too.

1. Architecture: First, the production takes place at the Lyric Opera of Chicago. Talk about stunning architecture. From the gilded lobby to the Art Deco-style auditorium, nothing in this building needs a filter. (And if your social-media following learns how cultured you are while you snap away, well, it’s not like you were bragging.)

2. You Know These Songs: So you may not be able to do karaoke to the Mozart score. But you just might know quite a few songs from The Marriage of Figaro already. In fact, we’d bet money that you can hum along to the overture (probably best not to, though). And if you don’t know Dove Sono, you’re in for a lovely treat.

3. Fashion Inspiration: Prepare for some major sartorial eye candy. From the countess’s sparkling, float-y gown to a chorus of ladies done up in pale violet dresses, the stage looks like a spread pulled from a 1786 issue of Vogue. The sets are equally dreamy and lush.

4. LOLs Guaranteed: It’s not Amy Schumer: Live, but the language that appears in The Marriage of Figaro subtitles is surprisingly modern, relatable and witty. We weren’t expecting to chuckle at the opera, but we did--several times.

Tickets, $20 to $299; 20 N. Wacker Dr.; 312-827-5600 or

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