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The friend you call when you need haircut feedback is totally different from the one you call when you need a decent cry. Here, the 19 types of friends we firmly think every woman should have in her arsenal. (Bonus points if some of your pals fall into multiple categories.)


1. The one who supports your every decision.

2. The one who tells it like it is. (Bangs = bad decision.)

3. The one you’ve known for 20 years.

4. The one you’ve known for 20 minutes. (Thank God you don’t have to finish out that insufferable work conference alone.)


5. The one who somehow always gets you in a little trouble.

6. The one who somehow always gets your issues with your sister.

7. The one whose couch is permanently available for takeout dumplings and Real Housewives.


8. The one who’s just a little bit smarter than you.

9. The one who’s just a little bit cooler than you.

10. The one who you kind of have a crush on.

11. The one who makes you laugh so hard you snarf Diet Coke.



12. The one whose background so exactly mirrors your own that she also remembers some esoteric candy sold only in Maryland between the years of 1985 and 1991.

13. The one with such a wildly different background that she teaches you something new every time you see her.

14. The one who’s a total flake but really fun when she finally does show up--two hours late.

15. The one who’s so reliable, you list her as your emergency contact.

16. The one who can keep a secret--even when that secret is that you once made out with the surly Starbucks barista.


17. The one who’s a straight man.

18. The one who’s a gay man.

19. The one who can always be counted on to throw a Halloween party (and take the reins on organizing a Golden Girls group costume).

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