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September 23: Mark it down. Clear your schedule. Set your DVR. Do whatever you gotta do because Mamma Lyon is back for season 2 of Empire. And while you wait in anticipation (and possibly plan your Halloween costume), we thought we'd reminisce on her and 13 of our other favorite TV matriarchs throughout the years.


Cookie Lyon on “Empire”

For the love of dress-up, is it too late for adoption?


Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on “Modern Family”

Claire may drive the minivan, but Gloria’s unconditionally accepting (OK, slightly smothering) approach to her son Manny is just the sweetest.


Countess Cora Crawley on “Downton Abbey”

This American heiress wore British aristocracy well and had her own bank account, to boot. Plus, she threw a mean dinner party (fine, with the help of a few dozen servants).


Tami Taylor on “Friday Night Lights”

Aside from having the best head of hair to grace our televisions, Tami (spoiler alert) was the one who ended up with the enviable career.


Lily Aldrin on “How I Met Your Mother”

She taught us that the bar is a perfectly acceptable place for a baby. (Moms need wine, too.)


Lorelai Gilmore on “Gilmore Girls”

She taught us age ain't nothing but a number.


Estelle Costanza on “Seinfeld”

And she taught us that screaming is loving.


Vivian Banks on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

Even with two kids of her own, this Cali socialite didn't miss a beat in welcoming a West Philadelphia-born-and-raised nephew.


Sophia Petrillo on “Golden Girls”

This sassy senior held it down as a no-nonsense mamma hen of the whole bickering gang.

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Marge Simpson on “The Simpsons”

And this equally quippy lady has carried the load of two elementary-aged kids, one baby and (one baby of) a husband for 26 seasons.


Murphy Brown on “Murphy Brown”

Who could forget the single, working mother "scandal" debated in the 1992 presidential election?


Lucille Bluth on “Arrested Development”

Stiff cocktails aside, she managed to produce (and/or adopt) five somewhat functioning humans--even Buster.


Roseanne Conner on “Roseanne”

Because some moms are best when they prefer a PBR and potty humor to Champagne and caviar.


Kitty Forman on “That ’70s Show”

And because that laugh, FTW.

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