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Museums? Puh-lease. Who needs to pay admission for an exhibit when our city is basically a movable feast of outdoor art? From the topical to the tropical to the simply colorful, there's a mural to appeal to every art lover. Here are our ten favorites. So grab a selfie stick (or better, a friend): you have pictures to take.

Retna 618x445

Feeling Blue?

There's nothing more uplifting than spending time in front of local artist Retna's trademark half-hieroglyphics, half-Cholo-writing.

Where to Find It: West Hollywood Library, 625 N. San Vicente Blvd., W. Hollywood

MadeinLA 618x445

Want to Shout Local Pride?

If you want the world to know you're L.A. through and through, snap a photo in front of the text outside of Cisco Home. It says you've been to the West Coast and all you got was this lousy Instagram. OK, amazing Instagram.

Where to Find It: Cisco Home, 8025 Melrose Ave. at N. Laurel Ave., W. Hollywood

ChickenCLoseup Wall 618x355
Photo Ape

Feeling All “What the Cluck?”

How can you take yourself seriously when you're communing with giant chubby chickens? They are the hallmark of Cache, a Guatemalan-born graffiti artist who's been a fixture in Los Angeles for a decade. So make friends with some poultry and say "cheese."

Where to Find It: West Sunset Boulevard, Echo Park

Love Wall 618x355

Want to Get Romantic?

New York-based artist Curtis Kulig's wall is full of heart; grab your main squeeze for a snapshot in front of it.

Where to Find It: Smashbox Studios, 8549 Higuera St., Culver City

Skulls 618x445

Are You Just. So. Cool?

The goth sensibility of L.A. is reflected in this pile of bones. It was painted by the artist who calls himself Risk--he's a legend in international graffiti circles--in collaboration with other painters.

Where to Find It: Cloverfield Boulevard and Broadway Avenue, Santa Monica

OurLadyofDTLA 618x445

Do You Gravitate Toward Drama?

Artist Robert Vargas named this mural, which has overtones of traditional Catholic icon paintings, Our Lady of DTLA. Because underneath the heritage fashion and hand pies that have moved in, DTLA really has a gritty and beautiful soul.

Where to Find It: 600 S. Spring St.

Superman 618x445

Always Curious About The Next Big Thing?

This wall changes outfits like Gaga at an awards show--last week it had Leonardo DiCaprio clutching his Oscar; this week it's got a wheat-pasted mash-up of Batman and Superman, just in time for the latest superhero film.

Where to Find It: La Brea at Dockweiler Street

Heads Wall 618x355
Photo Ape

Are You All About Styling?

Imagine a hair salon on the moon. This anonymous work would be the kind of art that would be hanging inside.

Where to Find It: Effie Street and Lucille Avenue, Silverlake

Dots 618x355

Feeling Bouncy?

Multicolored dots by the painter who calls himself The Most Famous Artist stretch along a wall like a Damien Hirst that's exploded out of its canvas. Strike your most famous pose here. 

Where to Find It: The Springs, 608 Mateo St.

Selfie 618x445

Is It All About You?

Basically, well--you get it.

Where to Find It: Speedway and Rose Avenue, Venice

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