The bad news: You’ll have to wait until next fall to see adorable dogs in sweaters frolicking through the park. Yeah. We know.

The good news: The pups of NYC are so excited it’s warm, they’re putting on their shades, jumping on their skateboards and living.

Behold, 12 New York dogs who are absolutely loving spring right now.

NY SpringDogs List1

Tiny the pit bull is sooooo psyched to get back on his board and glide through Central Park.

NY SpringDogs List2

Agador is just chilling outside the Flatiron Building in his new shades.

NY SpringDogs List3

Cookie the red poodle loves hanging out by the pier.

NY SpringDogs List4

Kristi the border collie has been waiting for four whole months to play fetch outside for longer than five minutes.

NY SpringDogs List5

City pup Laika stops to smell the daffodils.

NY SpringDogs List6

Rusty is looking for a soccer partner…any takers?

NY SpringDogs Oakley

Williamsburg hipster pup Oakley loves relaxing in the sun after breakfast at Atlas.

NY SpringDogs List7

If you’re lucky, you might spot celebrity shih tzu Marnie going for a stroll.

NY SpringDogs List8

Gizzy, the Strand Book Store mascot, soaks up some sun in the East Village.

NY SpringDogs List9

Toast and her friends decide to skip the gym and hang out on a sunny park bench instead…totally of their own accord.

NY SpringDogs List10

Hamilton and his pug pals have been waiting all winter to play dress-up out on the deck.

NY SpringDogs List11

Piper’s the worst influence--she wants you to ditch work and hang with her in Brooklyn. Girl, we’ll be there in an hour.

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