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Just when you were lamenting the fact that Serial isn’t what it used to be, we’ve got huge news: Sarah Koenig, the host of the hit NPR podcast and court reporter extraordinaire, just announced she’s creating a stream of new podcasts to keep us in the loop on the fate of Adnan Syed. (And the first episode is live right now!)

Why this matters: This week, Adnan is back in a Baltimore courtroom for a post-conviction relief hearing with new lawyers and new evidence. And some suspect that his conviction may be overturned.

Koenig will be there on the scene to find out, providing us with short, daily dispatches (the first one is 15 minutes) about everything happening inside the courtroom. For example, the fact that key alibi witness Asia McClain was finally given a chance to testify.

It’s about goddamn time.

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