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Recently, the term “basic” has become something of an insult, used to describe girls who are predictable and boring. But we say, what’s wrong with loving pumpkin spice lattes and sheepskin-lined boots that feel like a friggin’ cloud? Nothing, that’s what. And here’s 21 reasons why.

basic candles

1. Our Yankee candle is one third the price of those Catskills-foraged juniper twigs...And, P.S.: It smells delicious.

2. Our #PSL tastes way better than that goji tea with cashew milk.

3. And our mini fawn Frenchie couldn’t not have her own Insta. (Coco is a star!)

basic kate middleton
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

4. Kate Middleton landed herself an actual prince, so yeah, she’s our style icon.

5. (But we secretly wish we could pull off bangs like Zooey.)


6. Two words: mason jars.

7. Three words: farmers' market flowers.

8. Nine words: There’s a reason Friends was nominated for 62 Emmys.

basic yoga pants

9. Yes, our yoga pants crop at the knee. Yes, they are black with purple chevron up the sides. Yes, we’re wearing them all day but skipping spin class because Damien isn’t teaching today and anyway who wants fro-yo?

10. Yes, “skinny arm” works.

11. Also, speaking in abbrevs totes saves tons of time.

12. And Taylor Swift is a NATIONAL TREASURE.

basic galentines

13. Time for a confession: We celebrated "Galentine's" day. And now our friendship with Ashley is stronger than ever.

14. To that end, we do indeed have two friends named Ashley (though one spells it Ashleigh).

15. Related: Why do you keep ragging on Ashleigh’s super-fun bachelorette party in Fort Lauderdale?

basic crockpot1

16. Look, how could you not love deconstructed chicken enchiladas in a slow cooker?

17. And why must you shame us for using "mani-pedi" as a verb? We WILL mani-pedi! You too can mani-pedi!

18. And listen: The good people at TOMS really do give a pair for every pair you buy, OK?

basic uggs

19. Speaking of footwear: UGGs are life.

20. But if you tweet spoilers about Scandal, we will ruin you.

21. #sorrynotsorry

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