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Urban Daddy

Ticket to Sisters? $15.50. Large bucket of (stale) popcorn? $8. Sour Patch Kids that have been sitting too close to the heat lamp? $5. Damn, at those prices, you could have gotten the five-course tasting menu at Fitzcarraldo. Maybe you should try seeing a $3 movie instead…

Thanks to Syndicated, a new Art Deco-inspired movie theater, bar and restaurant that just opened in Bushwick, seeing a flick in NYC is actually affordable again. You can catch a screening for three bucks and a double feature for $5, all while getting treats and cocktails delivered to your seat. (Um, that’s how much a movie cost in 1983, BTW.)

OK, there’s one catch: Syndicated doesn’t show any new blockbusters. But this week, it’s playing The X-Files: Fight the Future, Mean Streets, The Big Lebowski and Pulp Fiction, so we’re not complaining one bit. 

Best of all, with the cash you’re saving, we give you full permission to order that extra plate of duck-confit nachos. Or sweet-potato croquettes. Or scrumpets. (Yep, scrumpets.)

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