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Over the weekend, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Instagrammed the cutest birth announcement ever: the arrival of five totally adorable cheetah cubs. 

Apparently, they were delivered via C-section--which is very rare and risky for a wild animal birth--to their fierce five-year-old mama, Willow, on March 8. They’ll remain in the zoo’s nursery (aka the cheetah NICU) for the next 8 to 12 weeks, getting bottle-fed 'round the clock and receiving critical care until they’re well enough to frolic and play on their own.

If you’re within driving distance of Cincinnati, there’s a chance you could catch a glimpse of the cuties in the nursery. If not, you’ll have to settle for this sweet pic (or this behind-the-scenes video), snapped just days after their birth.

In other wild animal news, don’t forget to check out the bald eagle nest cam, where the second of two baby bald eagle eggs is about to hatch.

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