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Hopefully you don’t have big plans for the next week or so, because the movies that were just added to HBO Now this month are spot-on. (If you don’t have it yet, it’s $15 a month.) Whether you’re in the mood for powerful Oscar winners or cult throwbacks about mad scientist/alien transvestites, you’re in luck.


“bring it on”

Kirsten Dunst battles Gabrielle Union in the cult classic that introduced us to the idea of a “cheerocracy.”

hbo center Stage

“center stage”

Speaking of teenage drama with a cult-like following... This one involves baby Zoe Saldana, and terrible acting but terrific fouettés.


“the rocky horror picture show”

To be watched at midnight…wearing your old Magenta Halloween costume.

hbo staying alive

“staying alive”

To be watched on a Saturday night...wearing a red unitard.



In preparation of the seeeeequel.

hbo thelma louise

“thelma and louise”

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis giving us squad goals long before Taylor Swift.

hbo titanic


Got 195 minutes to spare? Never let go.

hbo her


Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with an Operating System. Operating System is voiced by Scarlett Johansson. Oscar nominations ensue.

hbo wild


Reese Witherspoon is decidedly un-Elle Woods-like in this lauded adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s equally-praised memoir.

hbo unbroken


Another flick based on a book, this one is the true account of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic track star and World War II hero--as directed by one Angelina Jolie.

hbo heat of the night

“in the heat of the night”

Sidney Poitier. All the Oscars. Done.

hbo manhattan


If the all-star cast (Allen, Keaton, Hemingway and Streep) and dreamy shots of NYC don’t convince you of a re-watch, remember that Allen’s 1979 ode to the Big Apple is on just about every “Best Movies” list ever compiled.

hbo doll em

“doll & em”

Now onto TV: Emily Mortimer and Dolly Wells are delightful in this under-the-radar original series (releasing season 2!). But what really makes it killer is the lineup of guest stars like Chloë Sevigny, Olivia Wilde and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

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