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Nowadays, when you see friends and strangers whip out their smartphones to take a selfie, you don’t even blink twice. But extreme narcissism is actually pretty serious--and a condition that a new book, by psychotherapist Joseph Burgo, says we really shouldn’t take lightly.

Here, five types of extreme narcissists you should watch out for before they wreak havoc on your life.


The Bullying Narcissist

This person builds up their own self-image by giving you a hard time and putting you down. They actually get their jollies by making you feel like a loser. Good deal.

Catchphrase: “You’re wearing THAT?”


The Seductive Narcissist

You know the type: She gloms onto you faster than you can say friends 4-eva and makes you feel good about yourself in order to win your affection and admiration…then dumps you.

Catchphrase: “Gosh, I wish my hair were as pretty as yours. Will you text me the name of your stylist? K, thanks, bye.”


The Know-It-All Narcissist

This total "man-splainer" constantly acts superior in order to make you feel ignorant, uninformed and inferior.

Catchphrase: “There’s no way you could have missed it--it was in yesterday’s New York Times.”

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The Vindictive Narcissist

When this person feels challenged or threatened, they’ll do anything (anything) to destroy whoever caused them personal shame. 

Catchphrase: “I totally am not the type to spread rumors, but…”


The Addicted Narcissist

Perhaps the most dangerous of the bunch, these people seek fulfillment through drugs, sex or fantasy--and often times their friends are none the wiser.

Catchphrase: “I’m the king of the world!”

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