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10 Crazy Things That Have Happened on Leap Day

Every four years, an extra day stands between you and your March 1 paycheck. But it also means that our calendars need to correct for those silly quarter days we skip over every three years. Some believe that oddities ensue. Let’s take a look at history and see if that’s just the case. Here, ten things that have happened on Leap Day. 

1288: Scotland declares that women are allowed to propose to men. If a man refused, he was required to pay a fine. Get it, medieval feminism.

1692: The Salem Witch Trials begin. OK, so a slight step back.

1892: St. Petersburg, Florida, becomes a city. Perhaps, also, the fanny pack is born?

1940: The first African American wins an Oscar. That’d be Hattie McDaniel for her role as Mammy in Gone with the Wind.

1960: The first Playboy Club is opened. Failed NBC dramadies, still decades away.

1960: Coincidentally, newspaper comic strip Family Circus also debuts.

1976: Ja Rule is born. Ashanti, still a twinkle in Top 40’s eye.

2004: Reneé Zellweger wins the Oscar for Best Actress. Career flourishes after that…

2008: The first Rare Disease Day is observed. (Hooray?)

2012: Tokyo completes construction on the tallest tower in the world--to be used as a radio antenna. How progressive of you, Japan.

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