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Gah, it’s school vacation week and your kids are bouncing off the walls. Stuff 'em in the car and hit the movies. Here, five films you actually won’t mind watching.


“THE PEANUTS MOVIE” (November 6)

It’s time to channel your childhood 'cause Charlie Brown and the entire Peanuts gang is back. This time, Chuck wants to turn his reputation around from total blockhead to winner and enlists the help of Snoopy and the rest of the crew. Reminisce as you get reacquainted your favorite characters--and all their infinite wisdom that you totally missed as a kid.

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“THE GOOD DINOSAUR” (November 27)

It’s a holiday miracle--for the first time ever, Disney/Pixar is releasing two films in the same year. (Lest you forget: Inside Out.) This new flick asks the question: What if an asteroid didn’t wipe out the dinosaurs billions of years ago and instead humans and dinos had to coexist? Voice cameos come courtesy of Anna Paquin and Frances McDormand.

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“KRAMPUS” (December 4)

Disclaimer: This fantasy/horror flick--about a boy who has a bad Christmas and accidentally ends up summoning a holiday demon to his home--is definitely more for the teenage crowd. Still, it stars Toni Collette and Adam Scott and is getting lots of early buzz.

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Come on, it’s not the holidays without the Chipmunks. Thanks to a misunderstanding, Alvin, Simon and Theodore think that Dave (yep, Jason Lee is back) is going to propose to his girlfriend in Miami and dump them. They have three days to stop the proposal. Tony Hale and Anna Faris are involved.

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“KUNG FU PANDA 3” (January 29)

Po the Panda (Jack Black) is back with more legendary adventures of awesome, just in time for the new year. We've long loved the Kung Fu franchise for its irreverent humor and all-star cast. This latest offering brings Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Lucy Liu, Bryan Cranston and Dustin Hoffman to the panda family.

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