Hey, we know you’re super busy sitting in bed eating your no-bake pie and watching the new season of Broad City, but we thought you should know about these six amazing museum exhibits happening right now in NYC.

You have only a few more weeks to check them out, so act fact. Abbi and Ilana will understand--we promise.

NY SpringArt List1


You probably know him as “the paint splatter guy,” but before Pollock created his signature drippy canvases, his lithographs, screenprints and engravings were totally different (but still completely amazing). Track the spectrum of his work from 1934 through 1954.

Through March 13 at the Museum of Modern Art

NY SpringArt List2


We thought it was too damn cold to go to the beach, but we were wrong. Check out this multimedia exhibit featuring 140 items of Coney Island history and photography greats like Diane Arbus, Walker Evans, Weegee and Bruce Davidson. But wait, are there hot dogs?

Through March 13 at the Brooklyn Museum

NY SpringArt List3
Steve McCurry


Take an hour-long trip across the world with this stunning collection of photos by Steve McCurry. The photographer has been capturing unexpected moments in India for the last three decades--the exhibit displays them all, including some that have never been seen in an exhibit before.

Through April 4 at the Rubin Museum of Art

NY SpringArt List4


OK, multitaskers, this is like seeing ten exhibits in one. Check out contemporary photography from Erica Baum, Anne Collier, Moyra Davey, Sara VanDerBeek, Kathrin Sonntag, Erin Shirreff, Lisa Oppenheim, Elad Lassry, Leslie Hewitt, Claudia Angelmaier. Phew, we need a nap.

Through March 23 at the Guggenheim Museum

NY SpringArt List5


Ready to spend your Saturday breaking cultural and artistic barriers? Let’s do this. Unorthodox is paying homage to Judaism by turning it on its head--see 55 contemporary artists from all over the world exploring religion in new, unexpected ways (like Diane Simpson, whose really cool geometric sculpture is displayed above).

Through March 27 at the Jewish Museum

NY SpringArt List6


Introduce your iPhone to IBM’s room-sized 1948 “selective sequence electronic calculator operator console” at this hands-on exhibit--you’ll get a history lesson of NYC-based technology, then learn basic computer coding. (With this and your Bitmoji skills, you’re basically the next Steve Jobs.)

Through April 17 at the New-York Historical Society

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