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Worry lines are real, people. Here, eight things to stop overthinking so you can be happier, have fewer wrinkles, and first and foremost, get on with your life.


Maybe I shouldn’t have sent that email?

Yeah, we’ve all done that thing where we send a seemingly brilliant email, then spend the next 48 hours second-guessing it, and assuming our boss/best friend/plumber somehow found it offensive and now hates us. Here’s the thing: It's already sent and there's nothing you can do about it. Next time, use this handy email tone analyzer to make sure you’re not being a jerk. And for now: Take a cue from Frozen and let it go.

hole shirt

What did I put on this morning? This outfit is uncomfortable and ridiculous.

If it’s uncomfortable, you have only--what--seven more hours in it? And if it’s actually ridiculous, just own it. Work that crosswalk like a catwalk. (“You didn’t hear? The latest trend is knee-high socks and midi skirts!”) We promise, no one will second-guess your confidence.

parks and recreation phones 2.0

Was my social media post too [Insert Negative Adjective]?

Whatever, it’s a blurry picture of your kid eating waffles--not your best work but not, like, horrific. Your audience is following you to see what you’ve been up to, not to judge you (and if anyone is the judge-y type, you should probably just block her). Still not convinced? There’s always “delete.”

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mariah smile

Did she mean that as a compliment or an insult?

Take it as a compliment, and make a mental note to never phrase anything the way she did.


Why did I eat that 700-calorie doughnut?

What’s done is done. At this point, you’re better off enjoying the damn doughnut and working harder in the future to making healthy eating choices. (And remember: The occasional indulgence can still be considered a healthy eating choice.)


Why did it take him 87 minutes to text me back?

Maybe he was at the movies. Maybe he was at the dentist. Maybe he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t look at his phone for over an hour. (Gasp!) We get it: Your natural instinct is to forward the entire chain to your sister and try to figure out if his 87-minute silence means something. But trust: The best information you can get about your relationship will come from face-to-face interaction. (Unless, you know, he never writes back at all.)


Why am I so awkward?

Repeat after us: You are interesting, not awkward. You are well-spoken, not marble-mouthed, even when you accidentally say “you too!” to the waitress who just told you to enjoy your meal.

lea michele gif

Did I leave the hair straightener on?

Chill. You didn’t.

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