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Picking the perfect dress aside, throwing a New Year’s Eve party is a lot of work. Fear not, dear readers. We’ve compiled 8 handy tips and tricks to ensure your bash is the greatest. Ever.

1. First things first, the drinks. Prepare a festive spiked punch so that guests can pour a glass right when they walk in (and then refill as needed).

2. Set out a masterfully assembled cheese plate (we recommend picking up your provisions at Scardello) as well as some party-ready appetizers.

3. Fact: You should have plenty of Champagne on hand. To kick things up a notch, set up a Champagne tasting station. The folks at Spec’s can help you select the bottles (and teach you about each one).

4. Turn your Christmas tree into a wish tree. Lay out some small notecards and pens nearby and have guests write down their 2016 wishes (a nicer way to say resolutions) andthen hang them on the branches.

5. Go high-tech and create your own photo booth using your iPad, a small tripod and the Muku Shuttr, a selfie remote. Guests can take their own snaps, which you can share (or use as blackmail) later.

6. Or go old-school and have sketches done by local artists Betchy Sketch. The duo will create chic, fashionable caricatures of your guests.

7. Have a dramatic social media reading. Assign each guest a social thread of another guest, set a timer and have everyone act out a post. (Go further and have people try to guess which guest wrote it.)

8. Finish the night with swag bags filled with a few choice items, like department-store beauty samples (ask for extras while you’re doing your holiday shopping), coconut water and sunglasses to help, you know, with that impending hangover.

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