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Congratulations, you had a baby! Your life is now all about your baby! OK, this isn't (totally) true. But one excellent way to hang on to the "old" you is to hang on to your old friends--especially your non-mom friends. Here are some tips for making those friendships last.


Make the time (or at least try to)

Even if it's just to check in with a text, keeping up these friendships is every bit as important for you as it is for them. Make sure your BFF knows you're still there, even though you're buried underneath a pile of spit-up.


Live vicariously through them

Your days of boozy brunches and dancing on bars are probably over, but that doesn't mean you're done hearing about other people’s. Let your pal give you every juicy detail about that house party she showed up to at 2 a.m. And afterwards, take solace in the fact that even though you have to wake up at 5:30, you'll be hangover-free.


Remember that it’s not a competition

Sure, you're the most sleep-deprived you've ever been, but everything is relative. Your bestie's new job, puppy or hookup is probably keeping her up all night, too. Commiserate but don't try to one-up anybody.


And not everyone finds kids all that amazing

News Flash: Not all people want kids--or even like them. Some of your friends probably love hearing your tales of first words and late night feedings, but others would just as soon skip the diaper stuff and talk about books with actual words in them.


Treat yo’self

Motherhood aside, most of us don't take enough time for ourselves, so indulge in some pampering with your buds without feeling guilty about missing bedtime.


And don’t forget the hard truth

Look, some of your friendships might not weather the beautiful storm that is motherhood. Relationships are constantly changing regardless of baby status, and some of these people might pop back into your life years down the road. (Trust us, you'll be busy enough that this will come in the blink of an eye.)

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