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Thanksgiving is awesome…in theory. What could be better than gathering around a table and eating a delicious feast (mmm, stuffing) with your loved ones?

But then Uncle Bob starts talking about the boil on his shoulder blade. And Aunt Cindy goes on a tirade because there isn’t enough pumpkin pie. And Grandma Pearl starts fighting with Cousin Eddie about Donald Trump.

We’re here to help. Here are 23 things to distract you while you’re hanging out with your family. Go take a break, then go back to being thankful.

NY Family List15

1. Gaze at the most insanely gorgeous apartments on the market in New York right now and dream of the day when you can actually afford one. (When, not if.)

2. Freak out Aunt Cindy by painting all the gourds in her house silver.

3. Make a huge mug of Nutella hot chocolate--with extra whipped cream and marshmallows.

4. Finally discover the answer to the age-old question: Which Charlie Brown character are you? (Please not Pigpen, please not Pigpen…)

NY Family Sperrys

5. Nab a pair of Sperry saltwater duck boots online and they’ll be at your door by the time you get home to NYC.

6. Make Fido’s dreams come true: Assemble a doggy-approved crudité platter of baby carrots, cheese and apple slices just for him.

7. While you’re at it, make a little cheese plate for yourself. Hey, Bethenny Frankel says it’s OK.

8. Clean your makeup brushes with Aunt Cindy’s olive oil. Come on, you know you haven’t washed those things in six months.

NY Family List35

9. Make two batches of chocolate-chip cookies--one chewy and one crispy--and have a dessert smackdown.

10. Snuggle under a blanket and listen to a relaxing podcast. “Meditation in the City” will get you feeling centered in no time.

11. Set up some mystical astrology dates in NYC so you have a full social calendar when you get home from Thanksgiving.

12. Or better yet, book a spa day at cityWell Brooklyn (a relaxing new bathhouse in Gowanus) for the day you get back to NYC.

NY Family List42

13. Start buying Christmas gifts. There’s no time like the present. (Sorry.)

14. Treat yourself to a little reward for getting through the stressful trip, like the made-in-NYC herbal balancing serum by Apoterra Skincare.

15. Crank up the heater and drool over these gorgeous bungalows. Shut your eyes, imagine you’re in Hawaii, repeat.

16. Try a DIY version of these hot winter nail polish trends. When in doubt, make stencils out of Scotch tape.

book templatelist martin 1

17. Fire up your Kindle and get lost in an amazing book that you can finish in a weekend, like Fun Home, Shopgirl and The Great Gatsby.

18. Fill up your entire December calendar with fun (and free) holiday plans.

19. Organize and label everything in the fridge. You’ll get major bonus points from Aunt Cindy. (Or she’ll freak out at you for making a mess--either way, something entertaining will happen.)

20. Binge-watch one of these legendary must-see TV shows. (Or if you’re really ambitious, two.)

new music adele

21. Download one of the six new albums we’re currently rocking out to. Adele makes everything better.

22. Wash everyone’s towels (because everything in Aunt Cindy’s house smells like mildew).

23. When all else fails, rummage through the fridge, cut a lemon in half and sniff. We hear it’s better than Xanax.

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