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Guys, We Just Found Out the Topic of the Next Season of Serial

Were you obsessed with “Serial” circa Fall 2014? Did you wake up early every Thursday, waiting to find out the latest with Adnan, Aisha, “Mr. S” and the gang? Are you still not sure if there was or wasn’t a pay phone at the Best Buy?

Well, it’s officially time to move on, as we just learned the topic of the upcoming “Serial” season and it’s--wait for it--the case of Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who mysteriously (and possibly dishonorably) left his base in Afghanistan in 2009 before being held captive by the Taliban for five years.

Apparently "Serial" host Sarah Koenig has been spotted at Bergdahl’s recent hearing in San Antonio, and she’s spoken with several members of his unit about their take on the situation. In other words, we can only assume she’s slowly but surely interviewing the key players, weighing the possibilities and gearing us up for some “what-the-hell-happens-next?” podcasting drama.

So what do you think? Will #FreeBowe be the next #FreeAdnan?

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