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Ahh, the seasonally awkward office party--where imbibing and over-sharing abound. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying these 15 archetypes will make an appearance at your annual shindig.

holiday drunk

The person who drinks too much

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, please don’t throw up on the intern.

holiday work

The person who can’t stop talking about work

How ’bout we lay off the expense reports for one night, Gina?

holiday name1

The person whose name you never remember

Heeeey, youuu! Cute skirt…

holiday dance

The plus one

Either supremely awkward or surprisingly adept at initiating conga lines.

holiday boss

The fun boss

Passing out drinks like it’s his job.

holiday bossboss

The boss boss

Sipping soda water and resenting the fun boss like it’s her job.

holiday networking

The networker

No, Tom. You can't trade LinkedIn endorsements for pigs in blankets.

holiday awkward

The new guy

Started on Monday. Has no idea what to do with his hands.

holiday college

The recent grad looking to recreate her sorority functions

Hey, Madison, let’s take it down a notch on the "nae nae."

holiday intern

The intern

Cheering on the former sorority girl. And getting side eye from boss boss.

holiday gossip

The gossip girl

But, like, did you see her take a scoop of my hummus?

holiday mute

The wild card

Thought he might be mute. Had two Manhattans. Is, in fact, not mute. And is possibly about to lead group karaoke.

holiday couple2

The undercover couple

The sexual tension is palpable…and hella awkward…and wait--did they just take a cab together?

holiday irish

The Irish goodbye-r

Has one drink. Slips out. Might not be seen until next year's party. 

holiday cry

the person living in a glass case of emotion

To be avoided at all costs. Unless, oops, that's you.

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