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The movie theater really is the great equalizer. Few other places bring together such a varied group of people with one single goal (in this case, watching Tom Cruise base jump off a building). Ergo, it’s a prime place to people-watch. From the good (cheering grandmas) to the not so good (screaming children), chances are you’ve seen at least one of these folks at your local megaplex.

movie people makeout

The new couple

Guy takes girl to Katherine Heigl movie. Guy tries every charm move in the book. Plan works. Aggressive public make-out ensues.

movie people awkward

The first daters

All of those things, swapping PDA for extreme awkwardness.

movie people sneaky

The penny-pincher

Only sees movies before 6 p.m. Also easily identified by the rustling bags of sugary contraband in her purse.

movie theater texting

The texter

Illuminated by the glow of her Instagram feed, this gem of a person makes you miss the old, pre-fleek and -AF days.

movie people whispering

The person who doesn’t know how to whisper

How is badly executed whispering so much worse than straight up talking?

movie people betty white

The gang of grannies

Seeing Magic Mike XXL for the third time.

movie people nerd

The know-it-all

Has an encyclopedic knowledge of IMDB. Knows way too much about the gaffer’s early work.

movie people confused

The person who is beyond confused

Pay attention, friend. There really isn’t that much to keep straight in a Vin Diesel movie.

movie people seats

The seat saver

The movie is starting in 30 seconds and you’ve got an entire row saved? Move those jackets or so help us God, we’ll…

movie people kid

The kid seeing an R-rated movie

Mom and Dad couldn’t get a babysitter, so somehow the 9 p.m. showing of Straight Outta Compton seemed like a good idea.

movie people crying

The emotional mess

Becomes a human puddle of tears when Gerard Butler changes his bad boy ways to win back the girl of his dreams. Or when Skippie comes home. Or when...literally any string music begins. (OK, fine--this is us.)

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